September is here this week which means we are counting down the days til Medicine 2.0 in Toronto! I have been going through the schedule and have already received facebook, Linkedin and twitter invites to connect from people attending the conference, so I thought I would write about what I am looking forward to most about the conference and why…. here goes….

1. Meeting Jen McCabe Gorman and Berci Mesko – these two visionaries have spurred my thinking and interest in health and medicine 2.0 for well over a year now and I have been avidly following their progress. They have taught me much and inspired me more, so I am excited to hear more about what they are upto (webicina and contagionhealth) and meet them in person!

2. Learning more about Organized Wisdom– this endeavor is hands down, one of my favorite technological attempts to reach across the relational divide between health seekers and health providers. I especially love their engagement of our usual communicative routines to facilitate a health community online.

3. Hearing E-Patient Dave speak – Dave is giving the keynote on the first day and I have made travel arrangements to cross the entire country in time to hear him speak (this is a conference first for me!). I have been reading his blog for over a year as well, and he, like Berci and Jen, has taught me much!

4. Participating in the Un-conferences – as a communication scholar, I tire easily of the usual conferencing format. It’s capacity to disengage and disconnect people from ideas and each other is unsurpassed. Hence my strong support for the unconference…. as slightly intimidating as it is, there’s just something infectious about spontaneity (and not in a public health kind of way….or maybe it should be!).

5. Attending the presentation “Success in Virtual Clinics for Hispanics: Lessons Learned from Forumclinic Users” – I am especially interested to hear about their virtual community efforts and practices, and hopefully meet the folks who worked so hard to put these efforts together. Community is hard enough off line, and even with participatory technologies with us, we still can’t always guarantee the people factor.

6. Hearing Pat Rich from the Canadian Medical Association tell us about “Asklepios and”. I have written about Asklepios before so I am excited about hearing about their progress and how the social network has been received by practising physicians.

7. Participating in and listening to our co-presenters in the panel Web 2.0 approaches for clinical practice, clinical research, quality monitoring on Friday September 18. The thing I like about this panel is that is sounds very grounded in clinical practice and experiences, which as an ethnographer intrigue me. I really look forward to our conversations!

8. Dividing myself in half so I can attend the panel happening at the same time as the one I am participating onBuilding virtual communities and social networking applications for patients and consumers. These communities sound extraordinary and so I am not sure how I am going to clone myself in time to hear the presentations. I will seek out the presenters though to hear more, hopefully at one of the social events or gathering times.

9. Attending the NextHealth presentation later that day – I have been trying to find out more about this effort ever since I saw a video online of one of Jen McCabe Gorman’s presentations on same…. should be exciting!

10. Finally – attending the last session on “Ethics 2.0: Implications for Connected Health (Panel with interactive audience response system)”. I love these kinds of discussions and I appreciate any attempts to think about what our technologies are doing to us, not just what they enable us to do with them. Connected health really challenges some of our modernist ideas around the individual, privacy, ethics etc. I also want to hear more about the work of the eHealth Strategy Office at the University of British Columbia. So there you have it! I will, of course, cloning efforts successful, be attending more than I have written up here; but these are the ones I will make sure not to miss…. if you haven’t seen the schedule for the conference, click here. This is the conference I am looking forward to most this year!

With thanks to myrrien, chrisheuer and maggi_94 for their wonderful images!!

To your good health!

Kirsten Broadfoot

@kblucy & @sterena